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Fantastic 🙋‍♀️ happy with eyes and lips xxx
Keryn LaCava
Keryn LaCava
11:04 14 Aug 19
I have been going to Debra for the last 6 years for my eyebrows.

At first, I was extremely hesitant to have them done (as anyone who knows me, knows how fussy I am with my eyebrows and how much of a perfectionist I am), but Debra was very patient, listened to my concerns and discussed the procedure and aftercare with me in detail and made sure I was comfortable prior to commencing.

Fast forward 6 years and I don’t know why I had waited so long to get them done in the first place.

I enjoy seeing Debra each time I book in with her. She’s extremely professional, yet down to earth.

Her attention to detail is second to none and she will always make sure you’re happy with the end result before you leave, hence why I will always recommend my friends and family to her.

Thank you Debra ❤️
Tarryn Mosina
Tarryn Mosina
11:31 18 Jan 19
I so love my semi permanent eyeliner done by Debra Miller! It has saved me the constant worry about makeup smudging during the day, saves me heaps of time in the morning and looks fab!
Kristy Westwood
Kristy Westwood
22:15 30 Oct 18
I can highly recommend Debra. She is extremely qualified and experienced. Don't ask for the latest trend as she will only do what suits you. She also managed to fix my very average eyeliner tattooing. I have had so many compliments. Even my beautician asked me where I had my work done. I am so grateful that Debra was recommended to me.
Caroline Sapienza
Caroline Sapienza
12:56 15 Oct 18
Debra is so down to earth and lovely which is imperative when someone is tattooing your face. I am over the moon with my lip blend. Good bye visible sun damage and scars from cold sores! Very, very happy 💋👄💋👄
Michelle Samuel
Michelle Samuel
13:34 14 Sep 18
Had my eyebrows tattooed by Debra after many years of thinking about it.The end result was just amazing was surprised how quick the process was and would highly recommend her
Lesley Bussell
Lesley Bussell
09:17 07 Sep 18
Thanks debra super happy , cant wait to show them of!
Jade Lee Jeffries
Jade Lee Jeffries
03:31 08 May 18
I was confident to see Debra Miller today ! She has done perfecting work on my eyebrows that were very poorly feathered by another beauty therapist,Thankyou & I look forwards to my eyebrow touch up in a month. ✌️️😀
Bel Eaton
Bel Eaton
08:51 09 Feb 18
After having minimal brows for so long, i finally took the plunge to have something done about it, I could not have picked a better Cosmetic Tattooist for the job, from start to finish Debra has given me the brows i have longed for.
Thankyou so much. �
Rachel Condon
Rachel Condon
14:40 01 Feb 18
Beautiful cosmetic art Debra, very fine delicate finishes!
Maya Ercegovac
Maya Ercegovac
13:22 11 Nov 17
Debra is superb at her craft. Every aspect is completely professional and her knowledge and skill set is second to none. I have been coming to Debra for more than a decade for my cosmetic tattooing - brows, lips and eyes. She has a beautiful disposition and makes me totally comfortable and at ease. The results are amazing. �
Lanna Feathers
Lanna Feathers
03:11 09 Jul 17
I highly recommend seeing deb for any cosmetic tattooing , after just having my brows and top liner done i can't believe how much a difference it's made to my appearance and over all time in getting ready ! She is so thorough and has a great eye for detail making her work absolutely perfect ! Thanks so much deb wish I had done it sooner �
Rebecca David
Rebecca David
00:52 09 Jun 17
I was very apprehensive about having my brows done but now have no regrets. Debra is very good at explaining and including you in the process. I felt at ease and am happy I found the right person.
Louise Eichner
Louise Eichner
01:02 09 Apr 17
Hey ladies out there this lady is amazing if ever you need anything done in cosmetic tattooing please give her a ring she is awesome
Colleen Grace
Colleen Grace
07:56 06 Apr 17
Very professional, catered to all of my needs. And very thorough with high attention to detail.
Ryan Monticone
Ryan Monticone
13:35 14 Dec 16
Debra is very talented and I wouldnt go anywhere else's. I have been going to her for a number of years can't fault her work. Thank you Debra for making me feel amazing every time I see you �
Amanda Hinchcliffe
Amanda Hinchcliffe
13:30 14 Dec 16

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