Eyebrow Tattoo Colour Considerations

Eyebrow Tattoo Colour Considerations
October 14, 2017 Debra Miller
Eyebrow Tattoo Colour Considerations

Your eyebrows are a crucially important facial feature. Gone are those thin, over-plucked brows of yesterday. Today’s perfect eyebrows look natural and are well shaped and coloured. The shape and style of your eyebrows can significantly enhance your looks. You also need to think about the colour of brows that will best suit your face. When it comes to choosing your permanent cosmetic makeup eyebrow tattoo colour, there are various aspects to consider. These include:

  • Lighter colours tend to fade more rapidly than darker tones
  • Specialists focus on creating the same colour as your natural brow. This is so additional strokes around your tattoo remain undetected. Often, a number of different colours are used to give your brows a more three-dimensional appearance
  • There is a right colour for everyone. Aspects such as your eye colour, natural skin tone and hair colour are taken into consideration. It’s best to choose a natural, soft colour. Your technician will be able to point you in the right direction.
  • The colour of permanent make can be changed or modified over time. For example, when you have your initial procedure, your skin pigment colour and the permanent make colour will result in the final pigment colour. Two people can choose exactly the same pigment for their eyebrow tattoos and they will never be identical-looking although they will look similar. In time, if you opt for additional tattooing, it’s possible to apply a new and different colour over your existing colour. These will blend to create a new shade.
  • Lastly, don’t panic if your eyebrows look a little dark when you leave the salon. It’s natural for tattooed brows to look darker as they heal.

The idea of having permanent cosmetics eyebrows can be a little unsettling when you’re new to it. However, through finding the right specialist who you feel comfortable and happy with, you can have the beautiful brows you’ve always dreamed of!

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