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  • Is Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Actually Permanent

    Is Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Actually Permanent?

    One of the most fun aspects of wearing makeup is experimenting with different looks. Fashions change with the seasons as…

  • What's The Difference Lip Liner Tattoo Vs Full Lip Tattoo

    What’s The Difference? Lip Liner Tattoo Vs. Full Lip Tattoo

    We all want to have gorgeous, youthful and healthy-looking lips. As we age, our lips tend to lose their natural…

  • 3 Benefits Of Semi Permanent Eyeliner

    3 Benefits Of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

    The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul. Our eyes are certainly one of the most expressive…

  • Common Eyebrow Tattoo Problems And How To Avoid Them

    Common Eyebrow Tattoo Problems And How To Avoid Them

    Eyebrow tattoos are one of the most exciting and innovative ways to enhance your looks, save money on makeup in…

  • How To Find The Right Local Practitioner For Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments

    How To Find The Right Local Practitioner For Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments

    When it comes to making a long-term change to your looks, you may understandably be a little worried about finding…

  • Why Feather Touch Brows Are So Popular Right Now

    Why Feather Touch Brows Are So Popular Right Now

    If you look in any glossy magazine nowadays, there will be models staring out at you with the most perfect…

  • Eyebrow Feathering Vs Eyebrow Blocking Vs Eyebrow Microblading

    Eyebrow Feathering vs. Eyebrow Blocking vs. Eyebrow Microblading

    If you’re considering having semi-permanent eyebrows, you’ve probably been wondering which technique will be best suited to you as an…

  • Eyebrow Tattoo Colour Considerations

    Eyebrow Tattoo Colour Considerations

    Your eyebrows are a crucially important facial feature. Gone are those thin, over-plucked brows of yesterday. Today’s perfect eyebrows look…

  • Benefits Of Having Semi Permanent Eyebrows

    Benefits of Having Semi-Permanent Eyebrows

    Semi-Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular among women from all walks of life. It’s no longer just the…

  • I had the pleasure of having my brows done by Debra Miller! I have been left speechless. I am so over the moon with my brows and the service I got! Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    Mariana Hernandez
  • If you need a brow, eyes and lip queen, you get it with Debra! The only perfection I have ever known, an unmatched super star that ensures your 5 star safety, trend, and on point look. Thanks Debra.

    Renata Havrankova
  • After having breast cancer and a full mastectomy, breast & nipple reconstruction Debra tattooed my areola. It looks amazing and I’m so happy that I resemble me again. Thank You!

    Rachel Shearer

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